Friday, November 14, 2014

Today, Tomorrow & Forever!

What do you need to know today in order to succeed for the rest of your life? 

When I think about that question, I feel a burden has been lifted. Why fret about the future...and why worry? Instead of reacting to your changing daily circumstances, imagine where you want to be in 5 - 10 years from now and how you can actively take a step of faith in that direction every day. 

 One day will always be different from the next. What you may know today may be something completely different from what you needed to know yesterday. What you will need to know tomorrow will be different from what you needed to know today...because life is unpredictable. 

Your goals and dreams are what should remain the same. Visualize it, acknowledge it, and achieve it!  

Healthy survival and self-help skills are finding the resources needed today that benefit you now and the rest of your, tomorrow, and forever!

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