Monday, December 26, 2011

Avon Carries it's tradition

Behind the scenes at our $100 million state-of-the-art Research & Development facility, world-class scientists and technicians keep Avon at the forefront of the beauty industry. Our Anew brand revolutionized the skincare market, offering breakthrough products infused with innovative technology that combat the early signs of aging, advanced signs of aging, and at-home products that serve as alternatives to professional cosmetic treatments.
Our flagship Avon Color brand provides superior innovation and high-technology in every product. An iconic brand with worldwide recognition, Avon sells 4 tubes of lipcolor every second! Beloved brands like Skin So Soft continue to evolve to meet today’s personal care needs.
Avon began its legacy as a fragrance company in 1886. Since then, blockbuster icons like Today Tomorrow Always, Far Away, and Outspoken have become legendary among our customers.
With the next generation in mind, Avon launched mark. in the United States, which has become the number two trend brand in the world.
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Avon Voices

Avon Voices

Go Behind the Scenes!

The Round 1 contenders in the Avon Voices Singing Talent Search are shooting their performance videos in exciting destinations, like Nashville, Paris, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro. Visit to go behind the scenes and get a glimpse of Avon makeover sessions, video shoots and all the excitement.

On April 22, official Round 1 performance videos posting and online voting begin at Get ready to make your voice and your vote count!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome to Avon Voices!

Welcome to Avon Voices!

Welcome to the Avon Voices global community. We're thrilled that you're here!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Avon Milestones

Avon was founded in 1886, the year when Cosmopolitan published it's first magazine. This was during the Victorian Age when women were dressing conservatively. By 1897 Avon, originally called the California Perfume Company, made it's first $500 in sales. That was considered enormous amount of money back in those days.

The company's name did not change 
until 1939, after WWII ended,
then the perfume company name 
changed to Avon, when it branched
out from strictly a perfume industry 
to cosmetics. During this time frame
since Avon was founded, fashion was 
evolving fast.  In 1920, fashion
entered the modern era.

In 1939, the beginning of WWII, 
Avon started manufacturing products
to support efforts of our troops, 
such as insect repellents, etc., the beginning
of what evolved through out time into our
familiar Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard 
which we now sell today.  In 1949, 
after the war ended, Avon reached 
25 million in sales with 65,000 representatives. 
The company reached nearly a billion in the 
early 1970's.  Avon aired it's first TV commerical 
in 1954.  In the next 10 years Avon started 
manufacturing collectibles which include
home decor and fashion. While continuing to
expand itself, Avon started to grow internationally.

In 1964, Avon joined the New York 
Stock Exchange and started trading
Avon stocks. During this time Avon 
began to market novelty containers and
figural decanters, such as fancy soaps, 
bubble baths, scented candles, candle holders, etc. 
Avon became the first cosmetic company to open 
in China, selling moisture cream. The picture of 
the above Avon collectibles can also be viewed at, a website that 
displays retired Avon collectibles.

The image below is the first container used for 
selling Sweet Honesty, one of Avon's oldest 
fragrances that is still found on the market today.
A bottle of 1.7 oz spray can now be purchased for $14.50.

Avon began to sell jewelry in 1971, 
and fashion clothing in 1973.
In 2006 Avon celebrated it's 
35 years of sales in jewelry. In the 1980's,
Avon partnered with and owned 
other top company names such as 
 Tiffany & Co. and others to 
produce their line of jewelry. 
As a producer of a large variety 
of styles, Avon has become today 
one of the largest costume jewelry 
manufacturers in the world.

Vintage 1973 Avon Fashion Accents Charm Bracelet

The above picture illustrates Avon's charm bracelet 
in 1973, representing fashion clothing and accessories 
on their market.  The updated version of Avon's charm bracelet 
honoring it's 125th anniversary, has recently been awarded to
representatives placing a minimum of $50 per campaign in sales.
The bracelet itself is worth $50.00.


The illustration of the Avon brochure below dates back to 1973.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celebrate Women with 125 years of Avon!

Now have free samples to offer for every product in the Special Celebration Collection of Makeup and Skincare, with the 125th Anniversary Cosmetic honor of Avon's enduring history of service to customers, representatives and unit leaders. Valued at $125.00, this special beauty bundle is now available for $25.00 with $10.00 brochure purchase in Campaign 8. This collection includes, Anew Clinical Surgical Eye Lift, Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum, Advanced Techniques hair care, Ultra Color Rich Lipstick, and Glimmersticks Eyeliner. 

See this campaign for sales on Anew Anti-Aging make-up, Sterling Silver jewelry, Fragrances, and America's #1 Bubble Bath!
Vanilla Cream
Bubble Delight
Bubble Bath
Unwind after a long day with the calming fragrance 
of warm, natural Madagascar vanilla. Soft touches 
of musk and smooth balsam enhance the sweet, 
velvety texture of this classic scent. 
Dermatologically tested. 24 fl. oz.
Price: $5.99
buy now & save
Will be $8.00 

Celebrate this Spring 

with Blooming Floral Fragrances: 
Outspoken by Fergie, 
In Bloom and Love to the Fullest
by Reese Withspoon

Fight visible signs of aging 
with Anew Clinical Luminosity 
Pro Brightening Serum 
for lifting and firming without 
dermatological procedures.

Last but not least, experience the benefits of 
long lasting hair protection from frizz with 
Advanced Techniques Frizz Control Shampoo, 
Conditioner and Lotus Shield Treatment 
at low prices!

Advance Techniques
2 fl. oz.
Item#: 942-317
Price: $12.00 try it now $9.99



Apply our breakthrough Frizz Control Lotus Shield 

Anti-Frizz Treatment to keep hair smooth 
in up to 97% humidity,*
for as long as 3 days!**

EVERY 3 SECONDS, 1 bottle of Lotus Shield 

is sold around the world!



Day Cream SPF 25
1.7 fl. oz.
Item#: 251-660
Price: $38.00