Saturday, November 28, 2015

Creative Time Management

Making time for what you want to do is challenging when you are busy to where it seems like there are just not enough hours in the day. Learning to manage your time is like managing money...when it always seems like you never have enough...If you can figure out even a limited portion of time you have to accomplish a task attributed to your passion, this can be productive.  Start by doing what is necessary first, then you can start deligating time you have to do what is possible. This can lead to the ability to do what used to seem impossible. Apply your creativity to practical use of time management, which can be used to your benefit. Sometimes I stop and wonder why I love selling Avon so much. Then I realize that selling is nothing more than shopping with an earnings opportunity. I love to shop, especially during the holidays with a chance to make and manage money...the key to running your business. I think of the benefit of selling as the pleasure of shopping for people and sharing the love of what you sell and what you know about beauty for a purpose. Every day feels like a holiday when I sell Avon, which gives me a reason to celebrate the meaning of every day where there is always an opportunity to be successful. Creative use of time management teaches you to embrace your own power with God's grace and live by faith. Become a possibilitarian. Sign up to become an Avon what may seem like the impossible, when, by setting yourself up for success can become a possibility and ultimately a reality.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The garden of love

I have worked as a healthcare professional for 22 years, with a genuine interest in alternative and holistic approaches to healing. This has included nature inspired home remedies, preventive and therapeutic approaches to good health. Hard working, honest, giving, sympathetic and kind hearted people like you and me, deserve to benefit from what we work hard for. It is a hard fact that we live in a narcissistic society. In order to survive let alone be successful, we are all forced to become narcissists. If we are perceived as beggars, thieves, or financially irresponsible freeloaders who don't deserve happiness, success or prosperity, then we lose before we are given the chance to prove that we are responsible hardworking human beings who do care about the welfare of others besides themselves. I am growing a personal interest in having my garden and spending a lot of time in my backyard. My everyday goal is to turn my passion into sharing my love for beauty on the inside, the outside, and as we learn the beauty of life around us. It is up to us to create our happiness, our garden of love.