Sunday, April 3, 2016

Freedom and Responsibility

 Beyond the colors you can find your own personal freedom. Before this can be achieved there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, summed up as a fear of saying "no" to a bully,  or resisting the bully. If you give away your power you're also giving away your freedom...therefore allowing yourself to be bullied,  and reducing yourself to a level of slavery If you allow yourself to be bullied you're only motivated by fear.  If you were motivated by faith you're not afraid to stand up for yourself, resist the bully and fight for your personal freedom. Today I am waking up to another opportunity to choose to be motivated by faith and resisting another bully. It is time to go back to work and time to fight...fight for freedom and justice...not only in my own life but in the lives of people around me including friend and family...who are in my life for a reason...hopefully to help me by showing enough support for my goals and dreams of peace and prosperity. Beyond the colors you can find your goals and dreams of peace and prosperity. Amen!