Monday, January 7, 2013

All About Your Lifestyle

Cherished Teddy Figurine
Are you unsure of your occupation? If you are a fashionista and a hard working mom who loves to look your best everyday and take care of your home and family, then Avon is the choice for you! Before I became an eRepresentative, I changed careers three times. During and after highschool, I did office clerical work because I could type fast. Several years after highschool it was music because I knew how to play the flute.  After I moved away from home, it was healthcare - which brought in the paychecks before and after I became a single mom. Even though I knew I didn't want to work in nursing homes the rest of my life, it gave me stability for over 15 years. In 2003 while I was in healthcare I decided to sell Avon. Ten years later, after changing careers again, moving twice, buying a house, and getting married, I'm still selling Avon.

What originally got me interested in Avon was their non-beauty, home fashion products along with their clothes and accessories.
My Avon Cash/Carry

Avon's fashion and accessories I was buying as a customer, got me interested in selling Avon and learning about makeup and skincare. I loved decorating my apartment with the items I was buying from Avon, and finding ways to improve my fashion ward robe besides wearing scrubs everyday.
Hawaiian Shores: earrings, bangle bracelets

Before my son was born I was going to school for continuing education, taking online courses, and hanging out with friends in a  "limited" network. It was at a stagnent point in my life when I decided that Avon would be a great social outlet that enhanced my lifestyle. When I learned about the Avon earnings opportunity I also remembered that unlike any other direct selling company Avon accommodates my lifestyle. If you are like me in the event that every day is different, Avon is the way to go because you can keep it at home or take it with you, you can relocate with it or stay where you are. You can  schedule your own house parties or take it on the road, door to door or business to business...making extra money without giving up your day job!

I love Avon because it got me through tough times, helped boost my self-esteem and enriched the life I had while in the middle of my personal struggling and soul searching. As the person I have strived to become my whole life, Avon helped me find my true inner beauty with its resources, literature, and beauty products.
Fiberoptic Christmas Tree

I would routinely ask myself what are my favorite Avon products? I don't think I have any one in particular. I love them all.

i Heart turquoise!
When you decide to commit to anything you want to sell, my best advice is to make sure it fits into your lifestyle. If it doesn't then don't waste your time. I will say that about anything because your lifestyle is what it's all about. If it doesn't line up with what you try to sell, then I suggest trying something else - if you even choose to sell at all. With any commitment you have to make enough adjustments and sacrifices in your life, to determine if this change you make is worth your time and energy.