Friday, November 14, 2014

Be A Possibilitarian!

The first response from my recruiting prospects: "Do you make any $ selling Avon?" My counter response to that is YES YOU CAN!  It's all what you put into what you love to do. If you love the products you sell, then you will somehow convince a prospect to believe in what you love to do and inspire them to do what you do. It is like deciding if the glass is half full or half empty. The second most typical response: "I'm no good at selling."  Believe it or not but everyday you look for ways to sell yourself and you don't even know it. When you try to escape from a crisis, problem, the natural thing to do is to panic. When you say you are no good at selling, this is also a form of panic. But when you learn to calm down in a critical moment you can think more rationally, use better judgment and more creative decision making. What you struggle to do everyday is to make yourself credible or worthy of a decent existence by selling yourself, or the part of yourself you want the world to see.  Imagine you are at a job interview. Don't you want to sell a part of yourself you want your employer to see and believe about you? As a part of acquiring survival skills, you seek the knowledge you need at a given moment to sell yourself out of a crisis. Some people would call it "street smarts." On a long-term basis, you seek knowledge you need that will help you decide what career to choose, that would serve your best financial interest and the quality of your lifestyle. This would determine where you decide to go to college, whether or not to relocate, commute, what kind of job you work and what skills you want to improve while pursuing your goals. The third most popular response: "I don't have a lot of friends," or "I don't know enough people." My response to this is get out and network. Find your network of friends who believe in your goals and dreams. While doing that, make a list of all the people you knew in your lifetime. Go back five or 10 years or whatever it takes. Save your old address books and search for your old friends while you're out making new ones What it all comes down to is believing in yourself. When you do that then your prospects will believe in you! Rather than be victimized by your circumstances, believe in the possibilities of the good that can result from a challenging situation, channel positive energy into these possibilities and overcome your circumstances, by gaining more control over them verses letting them control you.  When you are in control, your problems have no more power over you. Don't let anything stop you from achieving your goals and a possibilitarian and believe! You do have the power. Look for nothing more or nothing less than the knowledge needed to lead you to your power from within, the key to your that power, and by golly USE IT...because knowledge is power!

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