Sunday, February 19, 2012

Avon...a Lifestyle: have your cake and eat it too!

I love Avon because it starts with beauty. Beauty is is creative...and beauty is perceived differently by different people. Avon is about fashion, beauty and creativity. It keeps me in touch with my "right" or creative side of my brain and also motivates me to be interactive with people on a daily basis. As a company for women that is multi-generational, Avon is the only make-up industry that has existed for over a century! If I'm wrong I stand to be!.

Starting out originally as a perfume company just makes Avon more unique. I love Avon because it's easy and fun to sell...unlike any other direct selling company that I heard of, Avon is eclectic.  The longer I've stuck with Avon, the more impressed I became with their variety of categories...all inclusive of, but not limited to makeup and skincare. Although if you want repeat business, these are excellent categories on which to focus.  Whether you want to sell Avon full-time or just on the side, it is easily adaptable into anybody's lifestyle...whether you are rich, middle-class, or just everyday working class, there is something in it for everyone. Best case scenario, the Avon opportunity yields unlimited earnings; worst case scenario: if you decide Avon is not for you, it costs you no termination fees to withdraw.  I always see Avon as a win - win situation.

I first started buying Avon's home decor and accessories before I started selling it and then became interested in their makeup, skincare, and bath/body products. Well the longer I've been selling the more I got interested in the latter, mainly because I want to become knowledgeable in my area of expertise, as an aspiring hairstylist, and able to inform and educate potential customers with common interests. Depending on where and with whom you choose to network, you can take any of Avon's categories and just run with it. The fun part of it makes you in control of your business, you can take it any where you want and every where you go. If I'm bored out of my mind getting restless and going stir-crazy, Avon is my reason just to get out of the house. I'll go visit my mother, hang out with friends, go to yard sales or take my son to the park...whether any of the above I always take Avon brochures before I head out the door so I'm prepared to network when an opportunity presents itself. I find that running a business is all about being organized if you're going to be successful at it.

Being in cosmetology school all day every single day is where I'm learning how important organization and sanitation habits are in the beauty industry. Selling Avon is no different when you want to do makeovers on your clientele. Every day I look forward to working on the floor and displaying my brochures at my work station. Welcome to my world:)))