Sunday, February 24, 2013

Avon Job Description

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Targeting customers, recruits, and business opportunities in accordance with own daily schedule, ie...errands, work/employoment, events, out-of-house activities (parties, weddings, celebrations, church, school/sporting events)...etc.

  Taking Avon brochures to work, gym, places of business, friends, family functions, school, etc.

Placing and confirming customer orders and scheduling order deliveries with customers

Encourage and incentivize word-of-mouth referrals

Upsell the part of your Avon business you want potential customers and recruits to know 

Door to door goodie bags between order deliveries...recommend brochures, samples, recruiting flyers, order slips


Actively seeking opportunities to talk to people about Avon...conversation, giving compliments and treating received compliments as opportunities to introduce Avon. Wear Avon brand merchandise, ie...accessories, clothes, makeup...etc.

Spending Avon profit on business tools, Avon beauty products, fragrance, accessories and clothing

Own a business account

Keep track of/organize product inventory and brochures.

Sampling personal Avon inventory you want to sell (cash/carry)

Book house parties around Holidays and as frequently as possible

Customer follow-up before placing each order

Use Avon kitchen wear for party hosting

Decorating with Avon home accessories


40% commission

Free merchandise

No minimum order size required

No sales quota

No inventory

No shipping fee

Unlimited earning opportunity, online access with own personal webpage

Free online training and advertising

Online ordering thru personal website.

Work full-time or part-time...flexible your own boss...and all you can be!

Only $10 start-up fee

Call today! 734-337-3207


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